ef - A Fairy Tale of the Two

Synopsis: Asou Renji is a super-cute boy who isn't sure what he wants to do with his life. After getting assigned a survey on his future career plans at school, he goes to an abandoned train station to think about it. There he meets Shindou Chihiro, a super-cute girl reading a book. If you don't find this manga adorable you are dead inside.

NOTE: Volumes 1-6 were about different couples than Renji and Chihiro (but included Chihiro's twin sister, Kei, and Renji's cousin, Mizuki.) Volumes 1-2 were translated by Red Hawk Scans. Volumes 3-6 were scanlated by Fad2Raptor, who is also translating Phases 38+. The series was droppped because it's being translated by Fad2Raptor instead.


Volume 7 Phase 36 (Read Chapter | Direct Download)
Phase 37 (Read Chapter | Direct Download)