The Secret Recipe Chapter 14
The Secret Recipe Chapter 14 released (Read Chapter | Direct Download)

Posted on March 11th, 2014 by Ris4 Comments
March 12th, 2014
Thanks so much for the release! Was really cute! Thanks!
March 16th, 2014
Thanks for continuing to translate this! Wakatsuki has really matured. Now if the president could just get a clue. She still hasn't grasped who Wakatsuki is after!
March 27th, 2014
thanks for releasing, and I hope you continue until the last chapter. I just loved it when Wakatsuki had an epiphany, yet the president was encouraging her, yet she herself doesn't know who Wakatsuki is after

Thanks again and keep up the good work :)
March 31st, 2014
Massive dokidoki moment at the end!
Thanks for the release!
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